Help us in our exciting recycling trial!

What is the trial all about?

The eco-Disruptive team Get2Zero focussing on the challenge of Climate Change and CO2 Reduction are currently working with their winning start-up, Upcycled Medical on a trial proposition to take forward to the country final in November.

Reducing Bupa’s Carbon Emissions

The Upcycled Medical proposition is to work with Bupa to Reduce our Carbon Emissions. Plastic is having a devastating effect on our environment and wildlife and also contributes to global warming. Almost all plastics are made from chemicals that come from the production of planet-warming fuels (gas, oil and even coal).

Upcycled Medical will be working with 4 Bupa trial sites to collect some of our plastic and PPE waste that can then be recycled into a usable product.

How you can help

If you work at one of the 4 Bupa trial sites, we need you to help us collect our PPE waste so that we can upcycle it and make more PPE!

Simply put these items in the new bin provided for the duration of the trial;

  • face masks,
  • plastic aprons,
  • disposable gowns and
  • disposable hats.

For now, please don’t put anything else in the bin!

Which Bupa sites are involved in the trial?

  • Basinghall Clinic
  • Metamorphosis Orthondontics dental practice
  • The Cromwell Hospital
  • The Kensington Care Home

What happens next?

Upcycled Medical will come and collect the waste you’ve put in these bins and take it off to turn it into more PPE for us to use.

How long will the trial last?

This is just a trial at the moment, so we will only be collecting it for a short time for (about 1 week). We will need to review as we go, so keep on putting your items in the bin until the bin is removed (you should then return to putting the items in the usual waste).

What is eco-Disruptive and who are team Get2Zero?

Bupa’s eco-Disruptive programme is bringing together environmental start-ups with Bupa employees to work together on innovative solutions that improve people’s health and the health of the planet. Running from May to December 2021 the programme will run across the UK, Australia and Spain / South America with 6 teams in each location working to combat 6 environmental challenges. Every Bupa employee will get the chance to vote for their favourite start-ups through 3 pitch rounds.

Find out more about Bupa’s eco-Disruptive programme.

Team Get2Zero is one of 6 UK squads that have been put together and given an environmental challenge. Our challenge is climate change & CO2 reduction and our winning start-up is the awe-inspiring Upcycled Medical who make garments and other products out of discarded plastic.

Find out more about Upcycled Medical.

This is such an exciting opportunity for our staff to be involved in making a better world. We thank you for your support and look forward to sharing the results of the trial and getting your feedback.

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